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Printable Puppy Daily Schedule: Dog Training Tips for Beginners. Dog training is the act of teaching a dog particular skills or behaviours. Dog training includes teaching a dog to react to particular commands and cues as well as to act independently by deliberately changing their natural behaviour. Dogs have been trained to perform a large number of practical functions …

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Setting Schedules and Developing a Routine for Your New Puppy

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A Social Schedule – Puppy Socialization Checklist

Click below for the NEW, fully printable puppy socialization checklist. A list of people, … Learn how to train your puppy when it’ll have the most impact. Ultimate Puppy pioneered the use of the Puppy Socialization Checklist. See …

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Puppy Training Schedule: Week 1 “Sit” command In the first week, a person should work on training the puppy to sit. He or she should plan on expending …

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Puppy Schedule and training 6-10 months • To stay sitting while you walk away from him. • To walk very attentively by "heeling" close behind your left leg. • To retrieve his ball or toy when you throw it. • To do simple tricks: "Shake hands!" "Dance!" "Roll over!" • And more — whatever else he’s ready for! RESPECT Training For Puppies and Adult Dogs Teaching them to respect you …

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Step-by-Step Puppy Plan

For those of you who would prefer to use a print version to plan your puppy training and progress, check out our NEW Puppy Training Planner! Inside this engaging Planner, readers will find: • Pre-Puppy Checklist • What to Include …